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About Formosa Phoenix Tea Farm

Production, manufacturing, and wholesale of organic premium tea that meets the import specifications of the European Union and Japan. retail, Support wholesale, export, Please contact us.

Why Choose Us

1. We insist on producing highly fermented tea leaves with a delicate texture. The resulting floral and fruity aromas can be preserved for a long time, and you can smell the artisanal tea fragrance as soon as you open the package. Fermentation allows oolong tea or black tea to be stored for a long time. Even after 10, 20, or even more than 30 years, the flavor can transform into an even more appealing fruity aroma."
2. Our tea gardens are organically certified, providing tea leaves with no pesticide residues. One of the purposes of drinking tea is to promote health, and pesticide-free tea is truly healthy quality.



Our tea garden is located in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, on the plateau of the Bagua Mountain Range. The climate is often shrouded in mist, making it very suitable for tea cultivation. Our family began planting tea in 1952, and the area was initially known for its evergreen pine and cypress tea. The tea garden excels in the Dong Ding-style fermentation process with ripe fruit aroma, ensuring stable quality suitable for long-term storage, which enhances the unique fruit aroma of aged tea. Our main products have always been deeply fermented teas, including traditional honey-flavored oolong (Red Water Oolong), Concubine Oolong, as well as elegant floral and fruity oolong teas. Since 2000, we have transitioned to organic management, continuously developing black tea, white tea, and green tea products, winning awards in competitions, representing stable and outstanding quality. Our tea is exported to Europe, the United States, China, and Japan. We are committed to meeting customer needs and jointly developing overseas tea markets.

Product Achievements

2022 ITCE Taiwan International Coffee Evaluation Conference White Tea Group Gold Award
2022 ITCE Taiwan International Coffee Evaluation Conference Red Oolong Honorable Mention
2023 TAGs Organic Evaluation Conference Red Oolong Honorable Mention

Other Achievements

2021 Nantou County Outstanding Farmer Award
2020 Tourism Bureau Bagua Mountain Scenic Area Ridge Line Leisure - Demonstration Farm
2022 National Development Council Zhongxing New Village Incubation Center Incubation Star Entrepreneurship Competition - Winner
2022 Nantou County Industry Innovation SBIR Company
2023 Tourism Bureau Inbound Tourism Industry Familiarization Tour Visit to Tea Garden
2023 Promoting Taiwan Tea Deep Travel: Interviewed by American Public Television's Canvasing the World Program


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