Organic Certified 1-003-921208 TOPA

Organic Black Tea Oolong

~ the perfect balance of fruit scent and elegant tea base ~

Black tea vs. Oolong tea?
//Black tea// has a deeper degree of fermentation, so it resulted to black tea has a more pronounced fruity aroma, but the disadvantage is tend to have stronger body if care less of infusion time!!
//Oolong tea// is a designed processed tea that is brewed several times and has a mild tea base. Oolong tea can characteristic high fragrance and good after sweet feel, but rarely has a strong and prominent fruity aroma

The concept of Black Tea Oolong is to have rich fruit scent, and have mild conformable base as oolong tea dose.
There is a reason why black tea oolong has been well received in Taiwan market recent years. According to the tea evaluation data, the aroma and honey sweetness are more distinctive than oolong tea.

Type: Organic Oolong/Black Tea
Fruity, honey sweet scent, longan
Tea appearance: ball shape
Tea maker: Chen Yiguo

2022 Tags Preferred Medal award