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Organic Wuyi Oolong Tea

The aroma and aftertaste of this oolong tea are profound, with rich layers of floral and fruity scents that linger in the mouth. Wuyi tea is one of the ancient tea varieties introduced from Fujian to Taiwan in the 18th century, and its heavy aftertaste is indeed characteristic of the rock tea style cultivar.
This tea is made by fully sun-drying and withering, and complete conversion of amino acids during fermentation. It is ideal for tea storage, and the flavor becomes even more complex and flavorful as it ages.

Organic Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea that is unfermented, allowing it to retain the most excellent tea components and provide people with the original fragrant and light taste. It has a cultivation and consumption history that dates back thousands of years in China's history, and modern scientific research has confirmed its various benefits to human health.

Organic Ruby Black Tea

Ruby black tea has a noticeable hint of mint, a rich fruity base, a sweet honey aroma, and a tea broth that carries an amber color.

Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station has successfully cultivated an excellent tea variety, known as TTES No. 18, which features a notable and rich aroma. TTES No. 18 has become a representative of Taiwan black tea and has left a unique impression on tea lovers overseas who have tasted its distinct flavor after trying Red Jade black tea.。

Organic White Tea

Harvested from tender tea shoots, the emphasis is on the light withering and gentle fermentation process that brings out the floral and sweet notes in the tea.
Unlike other unrolled teas, the production process preserves the integrity of the leaf cell walls, so the intense substances in the tea leaves are not released when brewed. Instead, the tea highlights the sweetness of flower petals and honey, making it a premium and elegant tea.

Organic Black Tea Oolong

Black tea vs. Oolong tea?
//Black tea// has a deeper degree of fermentation, so it resulted to black tea has a more pronounced fruity aroma, but the disadvantage is tend to have stronger body if care less of infusion time!!
//Oolong tea// is a designed processed tea that is brewed several times and has a mild tea base. Oolong tea can characteristic high fragrance and good after sweet feel, but rarely has a strong and prominent fruity aroma

2023 new made Phoenix Tea

Because the climate remain cold in early spring and the temperature range between morning and evening was large during the period, the special peaches scent and high fragrant quality is developed, but the yield is not much due to the drought.
The traditional Guangdong Phoenix Tea brewing method pays attention to quick pouring and quick pouring out. It desire to have rich fruity scent and profound body.

Image:Traditional frozen top fermentation, dough soft technology. Lightly roasted, fruity aromas.

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